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I began to seek out books about self-development and personal finance.

Fire destroys Elsa home, single mom seeks help

Looking back through my journal recently, I found my reading list from that time and I would wholeheartedly recommend all of these:. These were the books that influenced me more than anything else in my life had done before. But through this reading, my eyes were opened to the possibility that being financially successful was realistic even for the faithful employee type like me. I started to apply the principles and my nest egg began to grow.

A whole new world of knowledge opened up in front of me. I could immediately start applying my knowledge and putting plans into action. Among the many podcasts in my feed — how to get a spouse on board with financial independence is a common theme.

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  • Single mom pleads for help as fire destroys home;

Once my mind was made up I was on my way. And when I sit and reflect on where I am now, I can see many other advantages of being single when seeking financial independence. This is not going to turn into a rant about how all relationships are doomed from a jaded cynic fed up with life! Quite the opposite. I read about and listen to many happy couples making this dream work together.

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But I want to show that there are many paths to FIRE and it can be done as a single person or as a single parent. Yes, there are disadvantages. Whatever our status in life, there will be upsides and downsides. If you had asked me back in the days of toddler groups and soggy breadsticks could I see myself being financially independent in my future, I would have laughed. Surviving day by day and falling into bed in an exhausted heap, was just how life was back then. But ask me now — what does it feel like to be seeking FIRE as a single parent?

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It feels great actually. It feels liberating and exciting and full of possibilities.

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  • Santa pays emotional visit to single mom of four who lost everything in house fire.

Life moves on, children grow up, relationships fail and relationships thrive. As a singleton myself, I agree with pretty much all the advantages you list. So massive respect and admiration for you on your journey with your children and not too far away from your goal! She was going to wait til her youngest had finished uni before she retired but changed her mind and is loving all her free time in the garden!

Like Liked by 1 person. I do try to educate my children on FIRE. Whatever we do as parents, it is difficult to compete with peer pressure. Like Like. What a super cute and inspirational quote, the picture of the boys is so adorable. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

Single Mom Of Five Dies Saving Her Kids From California House Fire | HuffPost

Hi Mummanopoly — welcome! Learn more about her turnaround — and her current story. Melissa is a 31 year old Phoenix native and digital nomad who loves to travel. She and her husband are working toward financial independence and early retirement, so they can travel the world. Find out more! Financial Orchid is a millennial in the pacific northwest and daughter of first-generation immigrants. Like many children of immigrants, the values of hard work, thrift, and achievement were engraved on her from a young age. Check her out!

Peti from Leveraged Mama is amom from New Zealand who came to her interest in financial independence after years of care-free living with her husband. It was a layoff redundancy in her part of the world while pregnant that was their wake-up call. You can learn more about her story here.

Read more here! Kiwi and her husband live with their two dogs in Michigan. Her husband suffers from a medical condition, and it was their pursuit of financial freedom that helped them to deal with it.

Single mom of 5 dies saving her children from house fire

Be sure to check out her story! Jillian from Montana Money Adventuresis the mother of six, financially free, and the queen of mini-retirements. She lives in Montana and has been married for 15 years. Her and her family are free to travel the country over the summer — and they are! Read more about her story, and how she achieved financial freedom, here. I love reading stories like hers and hope you will too! Check out more here! Come check out her fabulous frugal adventures! ZiYou isfrom England, my age 37 and works in tech like me!

Her awesome story is here. Want to be financially free? You can see all my financial freedom strategy and articles here. Email Address. Passionate about teaching people about money for them and their kids , success at work, and frugal family life all to reach financial freedom.

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