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2 Peter Bible Study Series

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1 & 2 Peter and Jude

Sort order. My main complaint about this John MacArthur Bible study -- and I'll bet it will be the same with the James study we are starting on -- is that he doesn't leave enough space to answer the questions. There will be a question with five blank lines under it, and below that, five Bible passages to consider when answering the questions.

By the time you've jotted down notes from those passages, you don't have room to address the question itself. At least I don't; I write big.

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It also contains, I'm convi My main complaint about this John MacArthur Bible study -- and I'll bet it will be the same with the James study we are starting on -- is that he doesn't leave enough space to answer the questions. It also contains, I'm convinced, a few typos that sent us running after the wrong Bible passages. But MacArthur's questions and commentary were good springboards for the discussions we've had in our men's group on Thursday evenings this year. But MacArthur -- and Peter -- gave us a good starting point.

Feb 23, Jason Green rated it it was amazing Shelves: christianity. John MacArthur does a fantastic job of challenging the reader to think more deeply about the scripture being studied. The Bible has all the answers we need, but it's nice to have some perspective brought to what we study.

Apr 05, Anitz99 rated it it was amazing. Loved this study. So much to learn. The extra scriptures add so much to the lesson. Syndee Bousquet rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Bobbi Jo rated it liked it May 25, A very comprehensive study guide.

2 Peter in 5 minutes!

I like the Bible verses and contextual history he provides. One thing in particular - there are always clear Biblical answers to the study questions he asks. So you don't finish a lesson and wonder just what exactly it was you were studying. Ashley rated it liked it Aug 07, Lisa rated it really liked it Apr 04, Randy rated it really liked it Oct 12, Gary Webber rated it liked it Aug 29, Marie Hendrix rated it really liked it Oct 10, Sharon rated it really liked it Jul 27, How do they help you understand what God expects of you?

Then ask:. How do these verses help you to understand that God has not left you on your own to reach your spiritual potential? If needed, remind students that the Apostle Peter was an eyewitness of the persecution that Jesus Christ suffered at the hands of enemies before His death. Why would Peter choose to discuss the purpose of suffering and trials in his epistle to Church members?

6 interactive Bible studies for individuals and small groups

To help students better understand this principle, share the following scenario or one like it with the class:. Her family was opposed to her taking lessons from the missionaries and expressed great displeasure when she told them she was going to be baptized. She invited them to attend her baptism , but they refused to attend.

Later that day, her dad informed her that because of her religious beliefs and choices, he no longer considered her to be his daughter. To make matters worse, within days some of her closest friends said that they no longer wanted to associate with her. Still others who knew her began on occasion to taunt her because of her new religion. Divide the class into thirds. You can help students to feel the truth and importance of the previous bold principle by asking:.

Please share it with the class. If time permits, consider giving students a few minutes to write some doctrines of the gospel they could draw upon for strength if they are ever persecuted for their religious beliefs.

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What doctrine is taught in these verses? Student responses will likely include this doctrine: Jesus Christ preached the gospel in the spirit world during the time His body was in the tomb. To help students see how the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ has helped clarify our understanding of these verses, you may consider having students read portions of Doctrine and Covenants — As impressed by the Spirit, you might ask students to explain how they have felt while participating in the work of redeeming the dead.

We have inherited divine qualities from our Heavenly Father, and we can strive to develop them. To whom did Peter address this epistle?

When we make covenants with Heavenly Father, He makes promises to us. As students respond, list their answers on the board. The Second Letter of Peter

Be redeemed of God, be numbered among those of the First Resurrection , and have eternal life see Mosiah —10 ; baptismal covenant. Windows of heaven opened see Malachi — Help students see that the Lord has given us tremendous promises. How can these promised blessings from God help you to obtain a divine nature? Why are these particular attributes essential if we are to have divine nature? To help students understand these verses, ask:.

We will not be barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of Jesus; we will see afar off [see the things of eternity]; we will remember that our old sins have been purged; we will make our calling and election sure; we will never fall. What are the consequences of failing to attain these attributes? We cannot see afar off; we forget that we have been purged of our sins. How would you state the importance of developing a divine nature? As students respond, you might write the following principle on the board: As we diligently seek to develop a divine nature, our knowledge of Jesus Christ increases and we become more like our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

How has your knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ increased as you have sought to develop a divine nature? What blessings come to a person who has his or her calling and election made sure? Why do you think Peter taught about the importance of developing a divine nature before teaching about making our calling and election sure? Students may express the following principle in different words: When we diligently seek to develop a divine nature, we can have our calling and election made sure and be blessed with an assurance of eternal life.

Encourage them to plan how they could be more diligent this week in seeking to obtain that attribute. You might give students a few moments to record their plan in a journal or on a piece of paper. Close by sharing your testimony that the doctrines and principles discussed in the lesson today are true. Through the course of our lifetimes, we can become more like our Savior. Home ChurchofJesusChrist.