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Allies who may well have known that the Evanuris were more akin to the elves worshiping them than not. Pure speculation, of course, but fun speculation! If our lore mining and speculations in the Death in the Fade meta is valid, then it is possible that the Forbidden Ones will be back some day. If enough humans, elves, qunari, etc.

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Read that meta if you want to know how it may work. Who knows how many people in Thedas still know who the Forbidden Ones are. And who knows how many Fell Grimoires still exist to ensure their story endures. The Evanuris may have given the Forgotten Ones such infamy that they will endure as long as future generations of desperate or despotic Thedosians seek them out in the deepest parts of the Fade. One final note before we wrap this thing up. Their fixation on whatever feeling draws them across the Veil and the difficulty average spirits would have maintaining their forms in the unchanging world means that they typically have to rely on tricks, illusions, or possessing people to hide that they are spirits.

And yup! I need to break this post in half, dear followers. Please follow us and get our notifications. We promise! If Imshael recognized Felessan after thousands of years, he surely would have known who the Dread Wolf was. PSS -. They worshiped their gods for months at a time. Decisions came after decades of debate, and an introduction could last for years.

From time to time, our ancestors would drift into centuries-long slumber , but this was not death, for we know they wandered the Fade in dreams.

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Banishment was probably the best thing the Evanuris could have done for the Forbidden Ones, and Imshael in particular. The elves who sought him out after the ban would have been motivated to make their choices far more efficiently than was the elvhen norm. I need to go read some Imshael fanfiction now. So i recently replayed DAO, and very close to the beginning, i got a scrap of banter between Alistair and Morrigan and as it's almost 2am and I'm currently waiting for my 16 month old son to fall sleep, this is all just adlibbed how i remember the conversation in which Alistair asks her about her mother.

Morrigan replies, "I'd be more interested in discussing your mother. The way she says it went over my head the first bazillion times I've played, but this time it stuck out to me that Morrigan knows about Alistair's real mother.

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She always claimed that Flemeth never told her anything really important, but obviously she learned some important things, or else she never would have known why she was being sent with the Wardens. Why wouldn't Flemeth have mentioned the love affair between Maric and Fiona in all that time? So what at first seemed more like Morrigan just verbally sparring with Alistair, and pushing on the button of the fact that he never knew his mother, is actually her hinting at the fact that she knows about Maric and Fiona.

And if Alistair wasn't always so hostile to Morrigan, she might have actually told him. Don't get me wrong, I love Alistair, he's a sweetheart, but from the very first he's latched onto the idea that Morrigan is a terrible evil person, or if not that, then at least the worst kind of bitch ever. Ooooo… very interesting! Personally, I really like the idea that the line was intentional because it opens up some really interesting trains of thought.

Was Flemyth still watching Maric during his relationship with Fiona?

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Watching the king she saved would not be much of a stretch for her. As we were discussing this, Morta brought up another interesting angle. Lack of free or intellectual thought, I could argue, infuriates Morrigan more than about anything, and he seems to illustrate both within seconds. No wonder she always is jabbing at his intelligence! Fascinating stuff!

So, great catches all the way around! Thank you for including us in such an interesting idea and discussion! This is a Wyrd Sisters of Thedas advisory warning! An influx of ask and mailbox responses will soon be coming across your dash! Hopefully this will be a good thing and not too annoying, but we wanted to give you all fair warning. Our inbox has had a bit more traffic than we were expecting after our unplanned hiatus.

But if you asked a question, sent some love, or offered a brilliant theory, have no fear or a lot of fear depending on how well you know us because we are on it!!! We are resolved to do better! Just to kick a little bit of the blame off onto the robot overlords or the soulless corporation of Tumblr, but our damn notifications have been swallowed in the Void! Anyway, thanks again! The map was such a labor of love! Frustrating, but so worth the effort.

We are beyond thrilled that it has been helpful, especially in your writing! Lots of less than fun real life stuff has made it hard to write or post. The worst seems to have passed and we are hoping that the anticipation of waiting for DA4 helps get our creative juices flowing again. In some northern lands, the people dress as spirits and walk the streets in parade after midnight. The Chantry uses the holiday to remember the death of Andraste, with public fires that mark her immolation and plays that depict her death.

It is celebrated at the beginning of Matrinalis. The ties between the Chantry and the Vael family meant that my brothers and I were often awakened at dawn. My stomach growling would sometimes ring louder than the morning prayers. Fortunately, we were far too busy most of the day to focus on the fasting. SteelSeven posted So tell me this, why would you want more Bench Warmers on this games. The only thing they all pilot are Huckebeins, Gespenst and Grungust.

We have enough pilots for those Units. Yeah, you want 6 more pilots for nothing.

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We can never understand "Reality". User Info: Pesmerga Nataexia00 posted I wouldn't mind Lenonjayce. That would at least guarantee us the Gespenst Kick. Actually, F characters are already in. Irum and Lin are both and only survivors from the F character generating system. Characters are pretty the same, and some mechs are so close just look EarthGain and SoulGain, the whatever kicking and Vysaga, the whatever red tank-like and RazAngrif.

No point of including them, even without rights issues. With the production of Exbeins and their variants, it would be very fun to toy around. Yeah we get more Grungusts nowadays as well as the production of Exbeins and a lot of custom gespenst.

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I really do not see them as benchwarmers. Maybe that's only you. It took a long time for Best to build a rapport with members of the club in ; some of them were distrustful of outsiders. Best says the "photos of the Forbidden Ones, MC represent an attempt to understand one motorcycle club on the basis of who they are as seen by me. Incomplete as that perspective may be, it was important to work independent of stereotypes.

That's part of why the photo project stalled. Best felt like some members had noted his close relationship with Eightball and started to question his own motives.