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Allen Chamberlain Oded Fehr Ardeth Bay Erick Avari Terrence Bey Stephen Dunham Henderson Corey Johnson Daniels Tuc Watkins Burns Omid Djalili Pharaoh Seti I Bernard Fox Captain Winston Havelock Patricia Velasquez Edit Storyline An English librarian called Evelyn Carnahan becomes interested in starting an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra. Taglines: The legend you know. The adventure you have yet to imagine. Country: USA. Runtime: min min cut. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia The Medjai were originally supposed to be tattooed from head to toe, but Stephen Sommers vetoed it because he thought Oded Fehr was "too good-looking" to be covered up. Goofs When Jonathon is attacked by the scarab, Rick rips his shirt sleeve open to cut it out of him. In all subsequent shots, Jonathon's shirt is intact. And the bandage he is wearing on his arm bears no relation to the wounds received in the incident. Home of Imhotep, Pharaoh's high priest, keeper of the dead. Birthplace of Anck Su Namun, Pharaoh's mistress.

No other man was allowed to touch her. But for their love, they were willing to risk life itself. Crazy Credits The Earth in the opening Universal logo flashes and dissolves into the sun.

Egyptian Mythology

Alternate Versions The crash of Winston Havelock's plane was cut from the airline version. Q: Is this movie based on a book? Q: Why did the Egyptians put such a dangerous curse on Imhotep? Wouldn't this cause unnecessary danger if someone revived him? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

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Jonathan Carnahan. Allen Chamberlain. Terrence Bey. Warden Gad Hassan. Captain Winston Havelock. Both works combine features of other mysteries and contain rather generic descriptions of initiation rites. Inscriptions , on the other hand, provide some evidence for the organization of the cult, which seems to have been modeled on the Egyptian priesthood. Initially, only males served as priests for both Isis andSerapis. In time, as the cult of Isis predominated, women were allowed to become priestesses.

There were two notable departures from earlier mystery cults: the term mystes does not appear in Isiac inscriptions, and continued service to the goddess and close relationships with the sanctuary were required. Not simply an end in itself, initiation belonged to a series of steps leading to higher service. Initiates of Isis shaved off their hair, wore linen garments cf.

Like the cymbals of Kybele, the rattling noise it produced was imbued with magical and protective qualities. Over time, the hierarchy grew more complex, yet no central authority seems to have existed, and the various temples were quite independent. Isis remained a distinctively Egyptian goddess, and her cult maintained a clear Egyptian identity, even after the conquests of Alexander and the Romans. A similar sequence of levels of initiation, the so-called seven grades, was observed in Mithraism, a mystery cult that developed under the Roman empire.

The Romans regarded the cult of Mithras as originating in the East, but early scholarly attempts to link him to the namesake Zoroastrian god are contested. Mithras was considered a redemption god, somewhat similar to Isis and Dionysos. No myths about Mithras survive and there were no public festivals in his honor. What is known about his worship derives mostly from archaeology. An all-male cult, Mithraism was particularly popular with the Roman legions, and mithraea, the shrines where the mysteries took place, are found everywhere in the empire, but especially at sites along the northern frontier.

These were rectangular buildings designed to resemble caves: they lay partly underground with barrel-vaulted ceilings and no windows. Torches and lamps provided light for the performance of indoor rituals that involved rather small groups. In all mithraea, a central cult image was displayed at the end opposite the entrance.

A raven flies above, and personifications of the sun to the right and the moon to the left complete the scene All elements of the tauroctony correspond to constellations of the night sky. In a series of decrees beginning in A. In around , the sanctuary of Eleusis was destroyed by the Goths and was never rebuilt.

By the fifth century, the mysteries were extinct. Karoglou, Kiki. Bowden, Hugh. Mystery Cults of the Ancient World. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Burkert, Walter. Ancient Mystery Cults. Cambridge, Mass. Cosmopoulos, Michael B. London: Routledge, Graf, Fritz and Sarah I. Leiden: Brill, His love for the lad had its origins in two other lives. The first of these was Lostris, Queen of Egypt. Taita was a eunuch, but he had been gelded after puberty and had once loved a woman. Because of his physical mutilation Taita's love was pure, and he had lavished it all on Queen Lostris, Nefer's grandmother.

It was a love so encompassing that even now, twenty years after her death, it stood at the centre of his existence. The other person from whom his love for Nefer sprang was Tanus, Lord Harrab, to whom this monument had been erected. He had been dearer than a brother to Taita. They were both gone now, Lostris and Tanus, but their blood mingled strongly in this child's veins.

From their illicit union so long ago had sprung the child who had grown up to become the Pharaoh Tamose, who now led the squadron of chariot that had brought them here; the father of Prince Nefer. This side,' Taita told him, stood up and strode on those long, stork-thin legs to the eastern wall. He looked up to the crumbling summit. He was trying to escape from the battle by climbing over the wall up there.

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It sailed over the top of the high wall. Even though Nefer knew, at first hand, the old man's strength, and that his powers of endurance were legend, he was astonished by that throw. He is old as the mountains, older than my grandmother, for he nursed her as he has done me, Nefer marvelled. Men say he has witnessed two hundred inundations of the Nile and that he built the pyramids with his own hands. Then aloud he asked, 'Did you hack off his head, Tata, and place it on that pile there? Taita sat down on a stone block while Nefer settled at his feet in happy anticipation and listened avidly, until the rams' horns of the squadron sounded the recall with a blast that shattered into diminishing echoes along the black cliffs.

There was a great bustle and scurry outside the walls, as the squadron made ready to go on into the dune lands.

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The waterskins were bulging again and the troopers were checking and tightening the harness of their teams before mounting up. Pharaoh Tamose looked over the heads of his staff as the pair came through the gateway, and summoned Taita to his side with an inclination of his head. Together they walked out of earshot of the squadron officers.

Lord Naja made as if to join them. Taita whispered a word to Pharaoh, then Tamose turned and sent Naja back with a curt word. The injured lord, flushed with mortification, shot a look at Taita that was fierce and sharp as a war arrow. Until you return from this campaign in the north only the two of us must know where I am taking the Prince. Naja was like a brother.

They had run the Red Road together. His suspicions were at last hardening into certainty, but he had not yet gathered all the evidence he would need to convince Pharaoh. There is nothing more to say, for we have said it all. Now go, and may Horus spread his wings over you and Nefer. Pharaoh grasped the Magus' upper arm and squeezed hard.

Under his fingers the arm was thin but hard as a dried acacia branch.

Legendary Creatures From Mythology

Then he went back to where Nefer waited beside the wheel of the royal chariot, with the injured air of a puppy ordered back to its kennel. Pharaoh knew that the boy was right, of course. Meren, the grandson of the illustrious General Kratas, was his junior by three days and today was riding with his father as lance bearer in one of the rear chariots. It was a hollow promise, and they both knew it. Running the Red Road was the onerous test of horsemanship and weapons that few warriors attempted. It was an ordeal that drained, exhausted and often killed even a strong man in his prime and trained to near perfection.

Nefer was a long way from that day. Then Pharaoh's forbidding expression softened and he gripped his son's arm in the only show of affection he would allow himself before his troops. Nefer and the old man stood together beside the shattered walls of Gallala and watched the column fly past.

Pharaoh led it, the reins wrapped around his wrists, leaning back against the pull of the horses, his chest bare, linen skirts whipping around his muscular legs, the Blue War Crown on his head rendering him tall and godlike. Next came Lord Naja almost as tall, almost as handsome. His mien was haughty and proud, the great recurved bow slung over his shoulder. Naja was one of the mightiest warriors of this very Egypt and his name had been given to him as a title of honour.

Naja was the sacred cobra in the royal uraeus crown. Pharaoh Tamose had bestowed it upon him on the day that, together, they had won through the ordeal of the Red Road. Naja did not deign to glance in Nefer's direction. Pharaoh's chariot had plunged into the mouth of the dark gorge before the last vehicle in the column went racing past where Nefer stood. Meren, his friend and companion of many illicit boyhood adventures, laughed in his face and made an obscene gesture, then raised his voice mockingly above the whine and rattle of the wheels.

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Apepi was the King of the Hyksos, and Nefer needed no toys: he was a man now, even if his father refused to recognize it. The two were silent for long after Meren's chariot had disappeared, and the dust had settled. Then Taita turned without a word and went to where their horses were tethered.

He tightened the surcingle around his mount's chest, hiked up his kilts and swung up with the limber movement of a much younger man. Once astride the animal's bare back he seemed to become one with it. Nefer remembered that legend related he had been the very first Egyptian to master the equestrian arts. He still bore the title Master of Ten Thousand Chariots, bestowed upon him with the Gold of Praise by two pharaohs in their separate reigns.

The Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Certain it was that he was one of the few men who dared to ride astride. Most Egyptians abhorred this practice, considering it somehow obscene and undignified, not to mention risky. Nefer had no such qualms and as he vaulted up on to the back of his favourite colt, Stargazer, his black mood started to evaporate. By the time they had reached the crest of the hills above the ruined city he was almost his usual ebullient self. He cast one last longing glance at the feather of distant dust left on the northern horizon by the squadron then firmly turned his back upon it.

Taita was always reticent and secretive, but seldom to the degree that he had been over the matter of their ultimate destination on this journey. Nefer had never heard the name before, but he repeated it softly. It had a romantic, evocative ring. Excitement and anticipation made the back of his neck prickle, and he looked ahead into the great desert.

An infinity of jagged and bitter hills stretched away to a horizon blue with heat haze and distance. The colours of the raw rocks astounded the eye: they were the sullen blue of stormclouds, yellow as a weaver bird's plumage, or red as wounded flesh, and bright as crystal. The heat made them dance and quiver. Taita looked down on this terrible place with a sense of nostalgia and homecoming.

It was into this wilderness that he had retired after the death of his beloved Queen Lostris, at first creeping away like a wounded animal.

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Then, as the years passed and some of the pain with them, he had found himself drawn once more to the mysteries and the way of the great god Horus. He had gone into the wilderness as a physician and a surgeon, as a master of the known sciences. Alone in the fastness of the desert he had discovered the key to gates and doorways of the mind and the spirit beyond which few men ever journey.

He had gone in a man but had emerged as a familiar of the great god Horus and an adept of strange and arcane mysteries that few men even imagined.